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Ingredients: Corn cakes (80%) (Corn, Rice), Sweet Chilli Seasoning [Maltodextrin [Non-GMO], Sugar, Salt, Acidulants [E262, E330], Dextrose, Spices and Herbs [Irradiated], Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Non-Nutritive Sweetener, Essential Oils, Medium Chain Triglyceride, Flavour Enhancer, Anticaking Agent, Silicon Dioxide (E551), Starch, Non-GMO Starch Sodium (E1450), Solvents (E1520)]



Manufactured in a factory that uses Cow’s Milk, peanuts and nuts. 





Per 100 g

Per single serving (40 g)

Energy (KJ)

1721 kJ

688 kJ

Protein (g)

6.7 g

2.7 g

Glycaemic Carbohydrate

65.3 g

26.1 g

Of which total sugar (g)

2.4 g

0.9 g

Total fat (g)

12.6 g

5.0 g

Of which saturated fat (g)

1.8 g

0.7 g


Dietary Fibre (g)*

3.9 g 

1.6 g

Total Sodium (mg)

602 mg

241 mg

Mini Corn Cakes Sweet Chilli

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