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The Ultimate Snacking Alternative

Why Choose Bakali?

We have a great range of rice cakes and corn cakes that are great tasting and as close to natural as it can be; a much better snacking option for your health.

Gluten Free Snacks
Gluten Free
Yes, our rice cake range is gluten free. You get the heavenly taste with no side effects.
Natural Snack Foods
We select our ingredients with the greatest care. Most of them are natural.
Low Fat Snack Food
No Excess
Low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. With Bakali you get healthier choices.
Made in South Africa
Locally Made
100% Made in South Africa!
Buy local and help improve the livelihoods of our communities.

Our Range of Products

Here is our range of cakes, from big to mini, plain to coated. There are so many choices.

Low in fat, sodium, cholesterol & sugar. Source of dietary fiber & gluten free.

Not fried, air popped with low-fat content. Typical nutritional information supplied per packed product.

Sesame chips & mini snack cakes make a great lunchbox accessory. Large cakes can be made with several delicious toppings.

Bakali rice cakes from bakali foods offer healthy snacks for kids that are gluten free snacks and also many healthy snacks for work.

The Bakali Way

Nowadays rice cakes and corn cakes are a popular food choice in many households. But even so, we still get approached by a those who are looking to introduce rice cakes to their diet, asking, “What on earth do you put on a rice cake!?”

There are no rules. A basic list of toppings could include cheese, cucumber, mushrooms, tomatoes, apples, avocado and seasoning to make these simple, tasty combinations:

  • Mozzarella and sliced cucumber
  • Sliced mushrooms topped with mozzarella placed under the grill (or in the microwave) for a few seconds
  • Cheese with thin apple slices
  • Avocado, tomato and black pepper

We hope these suggestions help you make a start. If you are ready for something more adventurous, click here for a vibrant and delicious range of recipes and toppings for you to test out.